Rhydian founded RateSetter in 2010. His motivation was to make better returns accessible to ordinary investors and make interest rates more transparent.

RateSetter operates as an exchange, with investors on one side and individuals and businesses borrowing on the other.

To manage risk, RateSetter pioneered the use of a Provision Fund which provides an efficient form of diversification for investors and a high level of predictability. RateSetter’s Provision Fund has a 100% track record of delivering the predicted returns and is a model that has been adopted by others in the industry.
To date, close to £2bn has been lent through RateSetter. The platform has more than 50,000 investors and 320,000 borrowers.

On RateSetter’s platform, interest rates are set in real time by investors, and with scale, these have the potential to become benchmark interest rates.
The company is backed by fund managers including Woodford and Artemis. RateSetter launched in Australia in 2014.
Prior to founding RateSetter, Rhydian spent seven years at Lazard. He graduated from Bristol with a double first in Modern Languages.